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You know that we could have urban pneumatic tube transport, which we could fabricate if we had the very real solar technology of pointing the suns light as a solar power station with giant mirrors to collect the energy in hydrogen gas fuels or fuel cells the fuel cost in shipping them all over the world at need is a non-significant part of a percentage of the total fuel output?  And the weirdest part is the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish this is to build a short or long term self contained moon base that fabricates the solar mirrors.  It’s amazing the ridiculous, science fictiony stuff we could have, along with solving global problems of power and food, even water, I think, now; and with all that surplus power there’d be plenty of materials that could go into building infrastructure and homes, and generally improving the standard of living for everyone, as well as the standard’s for what counts as a basic right.

It’s so right within our grasp and so few people seem to see it.

It makes me worry that we easily can, but won’t, save ourselves.

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